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We are passionately crafting custom-built online appearances. We work closely together with our clients in long-lasting business relationships, in order to continuously enhance and optimize their online presence for more conversions and growth.
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Your website projects could use some XTRA Modularity, Conversion Optimization, Custom Landing Page Templates, Pagespeed, SEO Onpage Optimization, Ecommerce Solution, ... You name it! We are here to the rescue.


We develop top-notch custom frontend templates, beautiful user interfaces, optimized for great user-experience, responsive or adaptive, for all screen sizes. We implement frontend templates passionately, either based on design templates or freely without the foregone work of a design team.


We build custom backends with great ease-of-use. No matter what media needs to be displayed on the frontend side, we make sure your content managers won't struggle to manage. The way we customarily built the backend, there is no danger of breaking the frontend layout.


Fast loading websites are crucial. Since Google has made it his mission to make the web faster and introducing the mobile-first index. As a result, a fast loading website is important to be able to achieve the best possible SEO rankings, plus user-experience of course. We implement various schemes from automated image format creation and image compression on upload, responsive image loading and lazy loading, CSS and JS Aggregation, Defer loading, Multilevel Caching & CDN integration.


After a website is taken live, monitoring, and continuous optimization based on advanced tracking is the next logical step. Building variations of pages, A/B Testing them, and optimizing for more conversions together with the Online Marketing team is an iterative process we support our clients with continuously.


We are building websites modularly. Components built once can be reused across multiple pages or even multiple projects by making major functionalities and page templates available at a global stage. If you are running multiple websites, we can build the system xtra modularly, so work done once, will apply for all pages or sites. As a result that leads to effort and cost degression which our clients' finance teams love us for.


Yes, GDPR sucks. It is a pain in the ass topic. Wanna get rid of the problem? We take it on our shoulders and will implement the perfect consent solution so you don't have to worry anymore and you can sleep carefree again at night.


As we implement all frontend templates custom, we have complete control over the markup and the SEO on-page optimization. We are well-experienced in that field and are also happy to work hand-in-hand with your in-house SEO Team.

API, Imports
& Exports

Connecting other services you are using through an Application Programming Interface (API), importing data, exporting data. All those processes can be complex. But we got you covered. Whatever you need.


We can build your custom website, build your e-commerce solution, your blog/magazine, your membership platform, your job portal, ... Maybe you want us to combine all of these software solutions within one project. We consult our clients about splitting huge projects into reasonable subprojects, in order to be able to achieve a realistic time and budget planning.

& Support

No matter how robust websites are built, they need maintenance and support, security updates and backups. As your external service provider, customer satisfaction is our highest priority. If issues with your website pop up or a content manager needs help, we are available remotely to help on short notice through tools like Skype, Zoom, Slack, Trello, etc.
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Vicky Arndt - Founding Partner
"Kudos" to XTRA.DEV for their straight forward implementation of the sobedo online shop. Based on the Corporate Identity we designed for the brand, Tim and his Team built a beautiful online shop autonomously without the need of website design drafts.
Matthew Finlay - CEO
XTRA.DEV has done a great job restructuring our website setup in a very modular way. Now we have over ten conference sites in the UK, U.S. and Germany running within a centralized system. The setup allows us to divide the cost for new developments and optimizations by the continuously growing number of website entities, which is a great relief, cost- and management-wise.
Frank Del Negro - Team Lead Marketing Development
I have been working with Tim at Insparx for over a decade, providing development services for the online marketing team. Tim has built countless landing pages and the companies initial mobile-first signup frontend application which we constantly have been maintaining and optimizing over the past years.
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We love what we do

As we love what we do, it is very important to us to be the perfect match for our clients and that those understand the service we provide. As mentioned above in our service description, we are looking for prosperous long-term business relationships. We listen and consult in the first step, in the second we build the perfect online appearance, no matter what is needed. We build websites custom from scratch, modularly, and extendable. As a result, we are able to react in a flexible way to whatever your website projects additionally might need in the future to scale.
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